Tremendous typos in that letter.


Sow it in to the cunts Leo. The DUP are a gas ticket. Thick as dog shit the whole lot of them.


Here you go @Sidney


Has May found a backbone?


Dodds and Jeffrey Donaldson were smiling as they left.

Donald Tusk will make a statement in the morning.

Read into this what you will.


May has thrown a few more billion of other people’s money at the cunts?


Your money pal.


Dont fucking wind me up. That fucking harridan.and that utter cunt Davis. I hope he gets run over by a bus the fat gouty inbred cunt.


It’s all the one. If labour were in power they would tax the bollix off you anyway. Or put you up against a wall.


They would, the lazy oafs.
Davis needs a shoeing just for being a fat cunt all the same.


Of note, sterling has jumped since lunchtime. Deal done with dup I suspect. May is vile.


Tony Connelly says Tusk’s statement will be a “situational update” and does not imply any breakthrough.


They’ll keep it very quiet. Too many loons to try and bribe on board overnight.
Fucking cunts every last one.
I despise politicians.


brexit is driving the muldoons totally demented, its absolutely fascinating to watch


Give it up lad, the dream is over. United kingdom is the laughing stock of the world. What it means to be a brit now is to have an obsequious obsession with the royal family, eat kebabs, go to Ibiza, shout abuse in a souless stadium, pin all your hopes and dreams on some sub saharan player, be a minority in your own country, and desecrating your body with ghastly tatoos in arabic (oh the irony). Pretty soon no one will have a pot to piss in in the land of contradictions and hypocrites and no one will give a fuck.


You Oirish just don’t get it.




Miriam hinting on Prime Time that an amended deal is nearly agreed. Brian Hayes on soon to set negotiations back a week or two, no doubt.


Torygraph says there is a deal


@mickee321’s post above is spot on here.

Very astute.