They have compromised by agreeing to abort anyone in favour of gay marriage.


bye bye boris


Boris gone


The man is a joke. A disgusting human being.



The Brits are destroying themselves over Brexit.


fair play Boris. The uk voted for independence not Brussels light.


They are and they don’t seem to care. There is a World Cup coming home.


Gas cunts the lot of them. Has Arelene come out with a statement yet?


Jeremys time has come


Boris Johnson.

A bumbling, stupid, dumb half wit who ended up with a career in politics because he is a posh Tory cunt.


No, but Emma says she’s been shafted


Gareth Southgate for PM.


Arelene for new Tory Leader. The DUP to rule Great Britain. :slight_smile:


Big Harry Maguire Minister for Defence.


Boris Johnson is a tremendously reassuring figure for Irish people because he conforms exactly to the caricature of a certain type of Englishman that we love to despise, but at the same time we sort of like him, precisely because he’s so uncomplicated, so transparent in his bumbling, hapless deceit and fakery. In short, we sort of like him on a superficial level for precisely the reasons we hate him on a deeper level.

If he didn’t exist, we’d have had to invent him.


It’s a pity that Labour are in such disarray too over Brexit. If they had a coherent position they could sweep to power for a generation


Blame the British voters.

There is an alternative there in the Liberal Democrats but they are apparently really bad because they broke a promise on tuition fees.


Where have I read this before?


Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times Weekend Review section, June 25th, 2016.

I cogged it verbatim.

Do a Google search and I bet it comes up.