It is the point. The brexiteers have no alternative plan apart from keeping foreigners out. They have no credibility. The Tories have spent two years pricking around with this. They have no plan.


It’s mad to think that the brexiteers campaigned for a No vote but didn’t expect to win, now that they have won they have all stepped away. I seen some Farrage PR guy on The Tonight Show spouting some nonsense about Farrage coming back, you could see Yates was trying to hold in the laughter when the switched back to the presenters.


I am not talking about a Brexit plan.

I am talking about his attempts to win power.

Of course he doesn’t have a plan for Brexit.


Brexit is like some historical episode from Junior Cert history where some person or people or country made a spectacular historical mistake which had long term disastrous implications. Dermot McMurrough or the headlong blundering into World War I or any amount of French military blunders. I had a very sarcastic and blunt history teacher in school. You’d ask the teacher, “why did they do that?”. He’d respond “because they were fools”.


Yes. This pretty much all came about because john and Jane smith did not like sharing their lives with tomasz and manpreet.


Where do you fucking start with this kind of stuff. Brexiteers have a very strong tendency to come across as if they’ve had a lobotomy.




Could he be any worse than the other media creation in Washington?



Strong pro-Brexit sentiment amongst the crowd here in Green Park. It’s fascinating to watch.


She’s a self centred idiot, but you’re not allowed to say that


Crackpotism must be portrayed as a sensible politics and sensible politics must be portrayed as crackpotism.




I’ve never seen that before :clap: :clap:


Timely enough on the matter of resigning on principle, on the day the Foreign Secretary did so, one of his predecessors as Foreign Secretary who did likewise, the Sixth Baron Carrington passed away. Baron Carrington resigned when the warmongering Argentines illegally invaded the British Falkland Islands in 1982. He felt he should fall on his sword even though nobody attached any blame to him. It has just emerged that he passed away aged 99 yesterday. I recall him being at his former Prime Minister’s funeral in 2013 just short of his 94th birthday.


They should draft Farage alright and send him off to Afghanistan


Fuck sake if some think Farrage is going to save them, they have no chance. The man is nothing but a shit stirrer that has led them up the garden path and fucked off. Now the poor fuckers haven’t got a clue what to do. Imagine what it will be like if they win the World Cup, everyone will be full of the bulldog spirit and calling for the politicians just to do a hard brexit and fuck the EU.


Hunt is a shrude oparater. He’s their best chance of salvaging something. He is neither stupid nor a coward which sits him diametrically opposite Davis bojo gove and fox, the four fat cunts.


Finally someone who has a firm grasp on Brexit and what it means


Lying Don again it was Minnesota that Ronnie didn’t win second time around🤦‍♂️