Lads I’ve a bit of sterling. Stick or twist


The Brits will end up having another vote on this and as soon as it’s announced sterling will rocket. Stick for now.


The Brits will devalue sterling as soon as Brexit happens and sterling will obviously sink like a stone or one of my one liners.



Is that why ye kept Davy on? Pay him on sterling and hope for the best


There is plenty more can kicking to come. Neither side really want a hostile exit. I’d sell half.


Brexit means Brexit.


Hammond seems to be the only tory over there with any notion of the repurcussions of this lunacy but any time he says anything he gets jumped on by the tabloids and his chump party colleagues.


Sterling will be devalued for them


There’s plenty of them but he’s the most senior one. May does as well I suspect but has little control over the party.

Tbf if she gets to next March and gets any form of deal through Parliament it will be a pretty big parliamentary achievement, even if it’s a dud deal. It’s all a bit ridiculous.


Jesus Christ, these cunts wont be happy until the paras are back on the streets


Brexit means Brexit




By god


Vote Leave


Waving an EU flag in Berlin is provactive now is it? It’s like waving a US flag in New York FFS. I hope he does it in some Brexit shithole in the U.K. and they force feed it to the cunt


In the fullness of time Brexit will be seen as a good move for the UK, even though they are making every effort to fuck it up. The EU will fail within the next 5 - 10 years, the Euro will collapse and member countries will go back to their own currencies. Italy has already told the EU to shove their budget up their holes, more countries will follow.


heard it here first.


Thank you Steve Bannon.


When we need shelf stackers we’ll let you know pal.