Wales has a wildly different demographic to the human race.


I’d love to get a list of non-IRA terrorist attacks in the UK which were carried out out by EU migrants. It would be a pretty short list, I’d wager.

Under EU rules, the UK could have forced EU migrants who weren’t in employment after three months to return to their home countries.

They didn’t.

They also could have had blue passports while remaining part of the EU.

They chose not to.




“We never wanted them anyway, they never apologised for the war.”


Panasonic Brex


Panasonic Walk man


Here’s one for you. US Manufacturing output vs US manufacturing jobs since the late 1980’s. The US is actually manufacturing almost twice as much as it was in the glory days of Reagan, that they are all so keen to get back to, but employs even less now than it did then. The problem isn’t China or immigrants or Mexico it’s robots and it’s only going to get worse


Tell that to the economically anxious in Ohio


I won’t have to, there will be a robot along to do it for me shortly


Panasonic have announced they are to start making VHS video recorders again for the British market, because the Brits want everything to go back to the way it used to be. VHS will stand for Very High Stupidity.


Swapping younger, healthier contributors to society for the leather bound retirees from the costas :clap:



Yeah. AI is going to destroy lots of jobs and society has to survive that before or if we get to the Star Trek utopia

The Kodak/Instagram comparison


my word Richard…you dolt.




The good doctor has an interesting timeline, check out this belter :smile:


savage bodies


Jaysus and she only after getting the hair done and all


Unreal, they would destroy you.


The first time this has been said in truth on this site!


I got aroused watching that