Brian Carthy

This is a bizarre story. Some prominent GAA managers are boycotting RTÉ (as in not giving interviews) in protest about their treatment of Brian Carthy.

Carthy to me is a poor commentator. He does ok as a GAA reporter (but only just ok) but he’s awful at the live stuff. He misses too much, guesses too much, his phrases are repetitive etc. I’m not saying the alternatives are great but I don’t think Carthy is much use as a commentator at all. But the more important point really is what has any of this got to do with intercounty managers?

[indent]The reason why Tyrone manager Mickey Harte, Kildare boss Kieran McGeeney and Laois’ Justin McNulty all refused to give post-match interviews to RTÉ last Sunday has now emerged.

A number of top level GAA managers, including the three mentioned above, have decided to boycott RTÉ over the station’s treatment of long-serving radio commentator Brian Carthy.

Harte declined to speak to RTÉ after Tyrone’s Ulster Championship win over Monaghan, while the station’s TV and radio reporters were not given access to former Armagh team-mates McGeeney and McNulty after their sides’ respective matches at Croke Park.

Carthy had been expected to take over RTÉ Radio 1’s main match commentaries following the retirement of Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh last October.

RTÉ have not appointed a direct replacement for the much-loved Ó Muircheartaigh as yet, preferring to use a selection of commentators for their big radio games including TV regulars like Marty Morrissey and Darragh Maloney.

Carthy, who many feel is the natural successor to Ó Muircheartaigh given his level of experience, only issued short updates on the Cork v Waterford game at Páirc Uí Chaoimh last Sunday.

He was also was overlooked for the Allianz League Division 1 finals in April. Morrissey and Maloney were given those games.

Indeed, Maloney made a glaring error during his radio commentary of the Kildare v Meath clash last Sunday when he failed to notice the sending-off of Meath substitute Brian Farrell. It was only several minutes later that he acknowledged the dismissal, with the entire RTÉ radio team missing the incident.

The GAA managers feel so strongly about the treatment of Carthy that they recently sent a letter, signed by eight men, to the national broadcaster expressing their concerns.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Harte said: "We sent some correspondence to the effect that we are very much dismayed and alarmed at the absence of Brian Carthy from major commentary roles at the moment.

"We just didn’t think that was good practice because we do believe that for Gaelic games over the years there has been a distinctive voice on radio.

“And radio is an unique medium. It’s a highly challenging skill to deliver that in a way that paints a picture for people and I think you need to be steeped in the GAA to do that.”

Asked to comment on the issue, RTÉ’s head of sport Ryle Nugent said: "Brian was on commentary duties in Limerick on Saturday (for the Limerick v Kerry match) and will be again next weekend. He is still part of our commentary team.

“I am of the conviction that RTÉ will assign reporters and commentators as it sees fit.”

Harte confirmed that the the managers have asked for a meeting with RTÉ chiefs to discuss the matter in greater depth. He also reckons that the managers will continue to boycott interviews with RTÉ until a suitable resolution is reached. [/indent]

Absolutely nothing. I’d be more concerned with getting Kevin McStay off TSG.

And rightly so.

Although they have some utterly, utterly terrible commentators

Very strange.

The worst thing about Carthy is his voice, as well as his Roscommon origins actually.

Harte wants to meet with RTE so that a solution can be found. Bizarre.

I think some GAA people let themselves down when they talk too much about it being “unique” and not comparable to other sports. This nonsense about being steeped in the GAA or having a unique voice is just that - nonsense. There’s plenty to admire about the organisation but insular attitudes isn’t part of it and this is another example of some lunacy about the games’ heritage taking on a seeming importance in broacasting matters. Embarassing stuff.

The same spiel if being shovelled also in relation to demanding that TV3 do the minor coverage as gaelige. Personally I find it to be a tub of shit. TV3 should be allowed to do what they wish with it, they paid for it.

Carthy’s voice might be unique but it is unique in a bad way, he is fucking brutal as a commentator, gives me ire listening to the cunt.

Bizarre is the word all right. I await RTE making an announcement in response that they are not going to show Tyrone games this season because Ryle Nugent disagreed with Micky Harte’s decision to leave Owen Mulligan on the bench last Sunday. In other words, this has nothing to do with GAA managers same as their job has nothing to do with RTE. I wonder if a certain commentator himself has been rounding up his manager pals in the background to do a bit of plotting. Not saying who though. :smiley:

Who do these lads think they are? :lol: Nugent is spot on, RTE should appoint who they see fit, without pressure from a few jumped up coaches.

Nothing against Rachel but I’m boycotting interviews with Channel 4 until Carol is reinstated. Laughable.

Its absolute bull shit, and typical of the Nordie crowd and their “We are Great Gaels, we are protectors of the GAA universe”. I fucking hate the word Gael.

As you say, its very embarrassing, but only for those people.

I hate it myself but if the Munster plantation and not the Ulster plantation had worked you’d probably be saying it yourself.

Mickey Harte has overstepped the mark here.

A boycott, a boycott for Brian

Mental stuff. Ryle Nugent is head of sport!

:lol: :clap: :lol:

but it wasn’t and i don’t. What if Chris Columbus went a little further south, would that mean New York would be In Trinidad?

If this action by the GAA Managers Guild leads to Darrah Moloney never commentating on anything again, it should be applauded and indeed supported.

Don’t mind them Kev, the reason it wasn’t a success is because us Munster men wouldn’t tolerate such shit.
Them nordie boys for all their talk are just too soft. We drove the Brits out of Munster 90 years ago and they are still fluttering about up there.

Let Carthy comment on Nordie shit if he wants. just keep him away from Hurling matches.

RTE has written to Tyrone Gaelic football manager Mickey Harte after he sent a letter to the broadcaster criticising its treatment of one of its leading Gaelic games correspondents.

A number of high-profile managers are refusing to conduct interviews with RTE because they feel Brian Carthy has not been treated well in the wake of Micheal O Muircheartaigh’s retirement as GAA anchor.

The RTE letter was sent to Harte by courier yesterday evening and he will give “due consideration” and discuss it with the other managers before making a response.

Harte declined to conduct a post-match interview with RTE on Sunday evening in protest at what he feels is unfair treatment of Carthy.

Carthy has been largely overlooked for the main match commentaries since the beginning of the championship season.

Kildare manager Kieran McGeeney has also confirmed that his refusal to do an interview was connected to Carthy’s position within the station.

RTE has opted to use its TV commentators, Ger Canning, Marty Morrissey and Daragh Moloney for the main Sunday afternoon radio commentaries this season and that has annoyed Harte and at least seven other managers who are now refusing to co-operate with the station.

“I’ll discuss it with the other managers concerned and we’ll take a view on it,” Harte said of the RTE letter. “We’ll see what their thoughts are.”“I’m under no obligation to speak to anybody if I choose not to do so for any reason. I’m an amateur in an amateur game. There are no contracts binding me to talk to anyone,” he stressed.

GAA president Christy Cooney said yesterday that it was a matter for RTE “to decide who they think is the most appropriate to deliver commentary on our games”.


WTF is this all about.