Brian Cowen in The Spots on Tuesday Evening

Brian Cowen made an unannounced stop off in my local,O Donnells(The Spots) on Tuesday evening at around 4pm,he was travelling from New Ross to Kilkenny where he had engagements to undertake when he stopped for a couple in the staunch Fianna Fail hostelry in the company of only Bobby and Liam Aylward as far as i know.
The publican was telling me that only a couple of locals were in the pub and he didnt ring any FF followers that may have liked to meet him as it might piss the man off,Johnny remarked that Brian wasnt as tall as he looked on tv,he had two pints of Heineken before leaving after around 40 minutes,he was very stressed out and had the demeaner of a worried man according to the owner of my favourite pub in the world,im dissapointed to have missed him.

If I went supping pints at 4pm during a work day I would be sacked. Sure this is Ireland, isn’t it great that the Taoiseach can have a few scoops during the day.

2 pints in 40 minutes. Fucking horse.

Thought he’d be a guinness man though.
Im sure his day doesnt end at 5 though Hang.

Seems to be a lot of suggestions on the net that BIFFO is a bit too fond of the gargle

Was just an observation and he is probably right.

So am I more reason not to be scooping half way through your working day.

Who? this guy?

They don’t call it the Drinks Cabinet for nothing.

He probably had a few in Ross aswell, a couple in Inistioge, a few more in Kilkenny followed by dinner, a bottle of wine and a few more pints to wash that down. Back to Dublin then, to meet Coughlan and Lenihan for a chat over a pint! It’s some country we live in alright.

Im just amazed somebody could distinguish one overweight inbred turfmunching cunt from the others sitting at the bar day in day out.

The prawn is on fire here.


All the human waste he is feeding on in the cesspit of ireland must be doing him some good.

Hey smartyhole, have you ever sampled Dublin Bay prawns, Runt?

I eat dublin bay prawns for breakfast

you eat shit for breakfast shit for brains.

On his whistle stop trip to china he managed to down about five guinness and a couple of whiskeys according to the manager of Paddy’s. Was nice enough to punters then hit the corner with the lads. Apparently he hammered the sauce in.

[quote=“Sheriff Lobo”]Thought he’d be a guinness man though.

The majority of hardcore Guinness lads swithch onto the lager in the heavy weather, fuck it you couldn’t be drinking guinness in the heat

True that I suppose. Nothing worse than a warm pint of stout.

The man likes a drink theres no question about it,id sooner a drinker than a pioneer to be running this nation.