Briantinnion appreciation thread

See you next weekend pal.

Thanks mate, looking forward to catching up over a cappuccino and a muffin.

Think my visit is coming at a good time for TFK’s astro franchise, seems to be in a bit of trouble. I look forward to taking training next week.

BT, your presence will be an incredible boost. Like when Cryuff visits Barcelona. We won 4-2 tonight though. 2-2 after 90 minutes before injury time goals by Rocko and Croppy. Our season has been kickstarted.

I’d like to thank BT for his erudite contributions to threads on the economy and financial collapse. His gravitas, based on a fundamental understanding of the issues, lends an air of calm tranquility to threads which have too often descended into hysterical calls for a Red Army Faction style shooting spree of bankers and politicians. Thanks BT.

I would like to thank BT for the tremendous generosity he showed to my girlfriend and I on our recent trip to NYC.

If only your grammar matched the sentiment.

Brian, I’d like to thank you for being a childhood friend of Mrs Rocko and for the composure and grace on the astro playing fields of Dublin. And those two headed goals in Crumlin, both from corners I believe, were something that will live long in the memory.

I heard BT couldn’t do enough for ye. He’s a stand up guy.

Id like to thank Brian Tinnion for scoring the goal that knocked Liverpool out of the 1994 FA Cup and thus bringing an end to Graeme Souness’ disastrous reign at the club.