Brits want voting rights in the Republic

After a recent survey, that suggested well over half the catholic population in Northern Ireland wanted to remain within the union with Britain, There is now a call to give them voting rights in another country…

Sinn Féin urges presidential voting rights for North


SINN FÉIN has called for voting rights in the presidential election to be extended to Irish citizens in Northern Ireland.

In a protest outside Leinster House yesterday, members of Ógra Shinn Féin wore the county jerseys of Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone with a gag covering their mouths to indicate the lack of voting rights for those in the North.

The party is expected to introduce a Private Members’ motion in the Dáil in the autumn on the issue. Sinn Féin education spokesman Seán Crowe said the extension of voting rights was “a natural outworking of the Good Friday agreement, which enshrines the rights of people in the North to Irish citizenship”.

He said the president represented the Irish diaspora and the vote should be extended to Irish citizens abroad as well. He believed a referendum could be introduced on the issue before the presidential election in October, although the party has called for the issue to be brought to referendum before the 2018 presidential election.

The Dublin South West TD said if the political will was there, legislation could be passed very quickly to allow for a referendum to extend the vote to those in the North and to Irish citizens abroad.

He said there was “nothing outrageous about our demand” and called on candidates in the presidential election to indicate their views on the issue. Extending the vote should be part of political reforms along with changes in the criteria for presidential candidate nominations, Mr Crowe added.

The difficulties candidates had in getting nominations – through the backing of four local authorities or 20 TDs and senators – had been demonstrated in this election, he said.

Sinn Féin will decide in early September whether to put up its own candidate, to support an Independent or to not get involved. Party members were being consulted on the issue.

Mr Crowe said Sinn Féin councillors had backed individual candidates in council votes but the formal decision on the option its 17 Oireachtas members – 14 TDs and three Senators – would take would be finalised early next month.

Ógra Shinn Féin has been campaigning on the issue of votes in the North. National organiser Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire said there should be voting “rights for all Irish citizens”. Ógra Fhianna Fáil supported the move, Mr Ó Laoghaire said, adding it was included in Fine Gael’s political reform proposals and the SDLP’s youth section also backed the move.

I would much rather see someone from the nationalist community in Northern Ireland getting the vote here in the Republic ahead of the likes of that humberside cunt Art Fooley


If the likes of Art Foley and Locke can vote in it then so should our northern brothers.

If these nordie fucks want a vote let them et rid of their beloved queen and have an election in their own country.

Isn’t the current Pres a Brit too by some of the self haters logic?

Surely if one of their own can become President then its only natural they should be allowed vote.

Only a self-loathing Irish man could find fault with this just demand.

Voting should be open to all members of the diaspora not just the nordie pigs

the thread title is a bit misleading too. Brits living in the Republic are entitled to vote in the Irish elections and Irish people living in mainland UK anyway are allowed vote in UK elections (not sure about Norn Iron).

Fairly disgraceful when a Brit like locke is allowed vote in Ireland but republicans like myself cant vote in Irish elections :frowning:

Nordies out!

No representation without taxation

That would rule out a lot of our current ruling class methinks !

Pretty dramatic shrinking of the current voting pool there.

[quote=“KIB man, post: 615455”]

Pretty dramatic shrinking of the current voting pool there.[/quote]

Well maybe. I don’t live in Ireland or pay tax there so if I had a vote I could be malicious and vote for a complete Mong like Gay Mitchell or Gay Byrne or …

You seriously gayed up this thread with that post.

Fairly disgraceful that you think anyone gives a shit