Budget 2020

Budget 2020 is here.


in me hole.

Preview of what is going to be included in the budget for tomorrow, 8th of October (for thick cunts like @myboyblue)

So you don’t have a leak of it?

#### Help-to-buy

The Government’s help-to-buy scheme looks set to be modified in an effort to ensure those who can already afford a home won’t be subsidised. The Government has been examining lowering the cap on properties which qualify from €500,000 to somewhere between €250,000 and €300,000, which they believe will incentivise developers to build more affordable homes.

Jesus wept. Is there any one in there who has any notion of economics.

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Where’s my fiver?

You know its budget season when the auld fella starts planning his whole week around petrol stations.

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That’s a good point. I must fill up myself this evening

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There will be q’s at all the filling stations tonight. Is it true that they are going to hold off on some of the increases on heating fuel, coal and the like till after the winter?

Sure the global warming will cancel out any increases

God forbid the Christmas bonus would be abolished…

Thank fuck for company cars

The Ansbacher Generation get another freebie. A pensioner earning€550 pw will get a Medical card but if you’re working and earn the same amount and have 3 children, you don’t qualify…


The kids are alright

As expected a boring budget so far.

Free doctors visits up to 8 years old.
Free dentist visits up to 6.

No change in the help to buy.
“Investment in SNA’s”

I am not tuned in to it.

Anything on bik on electric cars?

Saw this in a leak the other day and it was mentioned they wouldn’t bring it in until September 2020 :grinning:

I’m not sure the doctors have agreed to this, or if they’ll be very happy about it