Budget 2021 black friday and Christmas deals

That time of year again.

Tax carbon

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New car tax band from January
Price of fags up 50c to nearly 14 quid!

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With Smirting limited by pub closures, no reason for anyone to smoke now

Not dear enough, a straight move to €20 would have provided the circuit breaker. Gerrup!!!


Look at this eejit off…

Agreed. Although there should be a cheaper option for people who just want to buy tobacco for weed purposes.

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Tax treasonous cunts more. They don’t deserve to live the socialist utopia we live in.

Wasn’t it very good to Sinn Fein to tell FFG where the magic money tree was?

Up to €5,000 per week for Covid-hit businesses.


I’ll have to charge a bit extra now for any of ye looking to avail of my flytipping or rubbish burning services. Not that I cant afford to suck it up, I’m just a hungry cunt

agree with the last bit

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