Bundesliga's back

Just having a quick browse here at Dortmund v Schalke live by sport 1.
It’s weird a stadium with no fans.
Goes to show the fans make football.
Not over eager to watch football since lockdown just feels wrong.

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A full page in the Irish Times today devoted to it so armchair fans can brush up ahead of the last few matches. TG4 or someone hardly have an auld highlights package?

A quick browse this morning of the usual sports websites and they have wall to wall coverage of the bundesliga.
Sky sports for instance write ups about Sancho and the mighty jonjo Kenny who plies his trade for schalke.
Sky sports would have write up on a fly racing up the wall of one fly was english

Bet they’re disgusted they haven’t the rights.

What feels wrong about it?

Yep twas flat

Football is nothing without fans

Football without scumbags is like stickball without denim jeans

To be honest cant see.myself.looking at football like I use to

Didi Hamann doing commentary on Sky for the Bundesliga. Bayern being held by BMG currently.

The state of yon boy Nagelsman.

A yellow for his counterpart, the unfortunately named Adolf Hutter.

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Kimmich shits it for the winner.

Draw game.