But then again i'm not a vaccuous, talentless waste of space

but then again i’m not a vaccuous, talentless waste of space

According to Art Foley, in defense of his wishing Glenda et al (sic) some bad luck.

Whether Art or Glenda are worth the argument on the best thread here (things that are wrong) is something I’m unsure of.

So I’ll leave it with ye, the voting members, to decide.

cheers maire, glad you thought it pollworthy

hosewarming shoud be juneish, will mail out the invite, all goes well there may be a wedding invite

you free 9/11 ?

Tis a bit early for me to be planning November’s social events.

november ???

it’s 9/11


I write my dates as gaelige; dd/mm/yy.

Sorry, I didn’t realise your new gaff was in the US

well they had the uss enterprise in dun laoghaire a few years ago

but for your diary

it’s 11/09/2010

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

is that the wedding or the free gaff?




And I promise not to sing Johnny Jump Up at the afters.

:clap: :clap:

can you confirm the same for de banks ??

Which option means Artfoley is a mong?

Do I have to have a Second Life account to attend this event or can I just log on as a guest?

Does maire have a squirrel living in her head?

Side of Ham

Yes, a Side of Ham