Buying Gold thread

Any thoughts guys?

Might be a good way of holding some value to cash that you are wasting away on deposit with negative interest,

What’s the safest way to do it?

Send me your bank account details and PIN and I’ll let you know how to get started for a small investment. You sound like a fella with his head screwed on.


Was expecting that but not from you @spidey :frowning_face:

Look at investment accounts based on stocks not bank deposits. Stock market will rocket for 2/3 years post reopening from covid. The roaring 20s

Buy gold bars and store them in a shed out the back of a housing estate in Limerick.

You come at @Copper_pipe you come at me bro


Dive into them for a swim every morning like scrooge mcduck

Did he share half his cadbury easter egg with you on a night in?

Keep those long positions in pal.


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It’s been a great 12 months for equities but I think the weakness in the Nasdaq will spread to the broad market shortly. The two biggest ETFs for Gold are GLD and IAU, I’d say they will drop a bit more but could bottom out in the next month. Gold won’t rise unless there’s strong evidence of inflation.

You can’t ate gold



US bond yields are on the up though, half the reason for opening this thread was something has to give with the US equities market eventually. Both the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P are severely over priced off the back of QE,

The actual economy is on its knees across the world really with circa 25% out of work,

In fairness its an absolute bubble and only a matter of time before it collapses jokes aside…

Doesnt rust anyway. Fair point.

Lapsed poster @labane was very keen to start this thread years ago,

Hope he’s doing ok.

The markets seem convinced of a strong recovery, but it’s hard to see us getting through 2021 without some kind of volatility event, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Covid21, a few banks collapsing, all to play for really.

Broadly speaking though economies are on literal life support, banks can’t make money either with the interest rates,

12 years propping up this hasnt really worked since 2008 and with Covid now over a year on-going will the central banks start to have a look at it.

The malaise without real economic growth can’t continue forever surely.

I think there could be a serious correction in that regard, jokes aside.

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A tipping point is coming I think where Central banks will be exposed as the emperor with no clothes.

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