Calling all banking experts

I am looking to put some money in one of the banks as currently all my money is with BOI, and i have no trust in them. I would like recommendations on which banks (if any) are safest, offer good interest rates, and are unlikely to go to the wall (taking my money with them) in the next few months…



  • I clarify this by saying I am no banking expert.


DanCarter recommends you put the money in the safe, and he’ll be down shortly to ride you.

Rabo is the safest bank to put money on deposit with.
They’re AAA, assuming you place any faith in Ratings Agencies.

Word of warning here is that they’re still licenced by the Irish Central Bank, meaning in the (unlikely) event that we leave the euro (or get booted out, which is only slightly more probable) your cash may well revert into punt nuas.

If this is an issue for you, try HSBC, Midland, Nationwide UK or Keytrade bank.

Somebody else has mentioned Rabo to me, must look into it. Aren’t they Dutch? I like the auld Dutch.

Rabo are a very strong bank. All the very best of luck to them.

Are you still going to Holland shortly, Dunph?

Nah mate, been there.

Rabo only have a branch in Dublin i see…

you could try the interweb Dunph, I hear everyone’s at it these days.

I’ll mind it for you Dunph

Dunph, Bank of New York have a branch in Adare.

That will suit Dunph, he doesn’t like to leave west Limerick if he can help it.

sigh :rolleyes:

What’s your problem, matey?

The runt and his disregard for basic geography

No problem…

Dunph a good bank won’t give you good interest rates. They won’t need your money so they’ll pay you fuck all for it.

Put it into Betfair and back 1.01 shots all day