Calling Balbec

@balbec, what’s Gdańsk like?


A fine city. Was there last July and couldn’t get over it. Hadn’t been there in over twenty years.

Possibly the best city in the country.

Going for work?

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How are you feeling @Fran

He has been out of the country before, im sure he’s ok.

I’m feeling fine Harry, thanks for asking

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Thinking about a mini break there with the missus

Lovely spot

Take in sopot as well. Lovely beach resort just outside it. I had John Delaneys shoe in my hand in the square there at one stage


The amber City. It’s beautiful

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Gdansk is a smashing city - great architecture, interesting history, lovely ambience and walks, good food. Sopot would be beautiful over the next couple of months. It’s not at all grotty like seaside resorts in our part of the world or the resorts abroad frequented by English speaking peoples. Long beachside walks and there’s a lovely restaurant just off the beach which is very reasonably priced and well worth going to.


This is @Fran you’re dealing with. It’s away from work he’s running.

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Gdansk, I was there for Ireland being pummelled in Euro 2012. I don’t remember anything about it. :anguished:

Gdansk is the best city in Europe when you factor in how cheap it is.

You’re losing not going there.

I would think a lot less of a fella if he told me he didn’t like it