Calling @Cicero_Dandi

@Cicero_Dandi are you of Italian descent ?

Yes mate.

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Are you asexual?

Oh my God I’m on a maiden trip to Rome and can I just say…What A City. You should be very proud.


Thanks mate.

Its a helluva spot.

Is this some sort of joke? Is there a wormhole somewhere. How long has this madness been going on for? Is this like hotel california? Is it about a bicycle? What has anyone learned in the meantime?

@Cicero_Dandi, there’s something oddly satisfying about watching this warehouse be destroyed. It all starts with the slightest nudge, the final 2 racks seem to toy with you before acquiescence and oblivion.


Some nice stuff here for the discerning Roma fan.

Might get of those bobble hats for the winter.

@Cicero_Dandi looks like you are miles ahead of the curve yet again

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