Calling experienced excel users

Excel is very 2007

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@jahan after making clean shit of @TreatyStones here.


And ChatGPT to boot.

Q for ye lads…any useful…free…project management tools …just want something basic to plan a project with timelines and assigned owners…if it would automatically send reminders of deadlines etc be a bonus…

I suppose a Gantt chart in excel would be a good start

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Has a free option, might suit your needs. Used in companies I’ve worked with


If you have Office365 you’ll have access to Planner. It’s pretty ok and reasonably flexible.


Open Project has a free version. Similar in style to MS Project

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Anybody out there with a pdf editor? None of the online ones will do what I want.
It’s a fairly simple task I’d say. The pdf I have, on some of the pages the text seems to be in white, so obviously can’t read it. You can search it and export it into Word but the format is fecked up.

So just a case of select all and change the text to black. A 5-10 minute job I’d say. I wouldn’t even need your email address. I’d just PM you a link for the file and you could email it back to me edited.

You know you want to…

I think you can do that with the Acrobat Reader. It’s an accessibility option.

(I don’t have an editor on the laptop where I am at the moment)

Perhaps with the new version with the advanced features they’ve been plugging lately. But not with the basic free model as far as I can make out.

Have you

Edit > Preferences > Accessibility …

Nothing happens there, Thanks.

I’ve the man behind the wire on the job.

The sumifs formula worked but then I realised i needed to exclude certain values from Col P that were labelled CASH. I’ve tried adding
,P:P,‘’<>CASH’',AD:AD but getting an error. I just added thos within the formula that already worked

Hard to see without your full formula but you should be correct. Assuming you’ve got more either side of the bit you showed (and AD is the location of another set of criteria)

Your quotation marks look a little weird - you sure you put them in correctly?

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I put nothing else in to the formula already there as it already worked. Put a comma at the end of existing and added the above. Quote marks are correct on pc. Dodge on the phone.

Col AD holds all values.

If it’s Sumifs then the values (AD) should be at the start. Only at the end for sumif (without the S for one condition).

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Thanks for that. Removed AD from the end and it worked.

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I ve a column of 10000 + cells
I filter the info I require and copy and paste into a another column but it wont copy over correctly as the filtered column has multipul ranges. How do I get around this?

Paste as value?
The 123 one here.

If you just use standard paste, you paste it as the field currently is (i.e. the formula)
If you paste as value, it just gives you the result of the formula. It sounds like you just want the value, not the formula

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