Calling Farmer

Will you be attending the Mohill Show on Sunday ?

Not sure yet DB - haven’t been at the Show in years. Took Monday off to give me the option anyway.

How about you?

Good man. Yeah I’m attending for the first time. Looking forward to it.

By all accounts the All Ireland Aberdeen Angus Championships will be the highlight

Rocko is the man to ask about it DB - he has sources on the inside.

Rocko ??


I’m intrigued.

Is this show similar to the tullamore show?


And you call yourself a bogger…

I fear most things west of the shannon farmer.

I was an entrant last year DB.

Your having a Steffi, no ?

Tell me more Rock

So DB, what is the plan for this?

What pubs do you intend visiting?

You staying around for the Show Dance?

I have absolutely no itinerary Farmer. I will just be following DB Snr and and Uncle DB to be honest.

I intend being in a pub for the hurling though - prob O’Carolans or O’Briens.

Due to work commitments on Monday, I have to return to Fingal on Sunday evening so won’t be around for the big dance.

Cattle judging just under way. Results to follow