Calling fitzy

please answer Macs query as a matter of urgency

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bumped for fitzy

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Fitzy goes on about how great the central coast is all the time but when a fellow county man of his asks for info I’m left in the dark. It’s almost as if he made everything up as he still lives in Clonmel or something.

i cant understand it myself, there must have been an urgent order of tippex in wollongong that has kept him busy


Here you go ladies

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I think you know yourself Mac won’t be happy with this effort.

No one should ever presume to know what Mac will think about anything.

I’m beginning to understand why he was ran out of Clonmel. All bluster but when asked for detail he pulls an ostrich on it. Disappointing to be honest. I’d have bought him a pint over there and a new cricket bat for young fitzy.

So Chuck, if you’d 3 weeks in Sydney what would you do?

Mate,I’ve marked this as Urgent. I’ll tend to it in the morning. Can you just clarify the extent of the traveling party?

Myself, Mrs Mac and Baby Mac (1 year old). We’ve free accommodation near Milsons Point if we want it. We’ve spent a week in Sydney before and have done some touristy things

  • The trip to Summer Bay as per the terms of our visa
  • Getting pissed in Bondi Junction
  • Champagne and meal at the Opera House as the sun sets
  • AFL game in the SCG


mate, let me apologise for Fitzy

horrendous effort - a war museum and a link to a website.

Have you booked flights? Skyscanner is best
Be flexible with your dates so as to save money
Book the basonette? is good for apartment accommodation, some decent places on the islands in qld not too bad
the north will be cooler mate so if your willing to fly maybe check out the sunshine coast?
What about Byron bay or little places near that?
ive travelled 3 times to oz and back with young kids, if you want any specific advice in regards to that feel free to PM?
have you considered a stop over?

Thanks mate. Haven’t booked flights yet as we’re still 50/50 on if its worth going or not or putting the money towards going somewhere with him we’ve never been.

Mrs Mac was talking about stopping in somewhere like Singapore on the way over but anyone I’ve spoken to who’s been there says that the only good thing about the place is the airport. Could always stop in Dubai but I hate the place and have been there twice already.

When I check flights on Skyscanner I’m always charged full price for a toddler - has this changed do you know or is this just a Skyscanner issue?

I went through sky scanner but the cheapest option showing up was a Dublin based travel agents and I just called them, Ill pm you the emai address so you can get a quote

Singaport is ok for a night stopover, the harbour is nice, the night zoo is good and it breaks up the journey

Singapore is a handy stopover, nice spot but unreal expensive. Paid $18 for a glass of wine for missus Loko. Cheapest we got was $14.
If you’re heading to Sydney rent a car and head to jervis bay for a few days, unbelievable spot. Royal National park is good to but you can get that on the way to jervis.

Sorry @Mac posted under my other account there but anyway, hope that helps

Finally some detail. If only I’d known earlier, I would have advised a stop over in Hong Kong, expensive, but nothing like Singapore and it’s so much better. Disneyworld might be a good trip there for you, you can always have a suit knocked up in a day as well (I’ll PM you my tailor’s details if you want), night markets, great food, lovely, lovely people. We stayed at the YMCA - sounds shit, but it’s not exactly your average YMCA - the Salisbury Hotel, not too expensive, seem to generally have rooms available and the harbour views are stunning.

If you have free accomodation in Milsons Point, I’d take it, as it’s a good spot, plenty of nice little cafes and bars, just north of the bridge, you’d walk into the city no bother. As I’ve mentioned previously, the Sydney Festival will be on then, so should be some stuff to do, although a 1 year old may make some of this difficult.

If you do want to get out of Sydney, I would advise the Central Coast, as you can stay in some decent places relatively cheaply and there are a multitude of great beaches to choose from. It’s pretty relaxed up here, but there will be lots of Sydney people at the more popular places like Terrigal, The Entrance and Avoca, so I’d steer clear of them. But plenty others, even on the way up to Newcastle like Soldiers Beach are terrific and not too busy even at that peak time. You could always go for a trip to the Hunter Valley and check out the vineyards, which is always fun, though many of them seem to have stopped the free samples, which is terribly annoying. A fair few micro breweries up there as well Mac which I’m sure you’d be interested in.

The reptile Park which is decent, and quite interesting in the work they do to save endangered animals and produce anti venoms

Mariners play Melbourne Victory on Jan 8th which should be a good occasion.There’s some excellent restaurants on the Central Coast, if you’re splashing out, the pick is Bells of Kilcare

Byron Bay is a good 9 hour drive north of Sydney, so mightn’t be an option. The AFL is finished for the season, so A League is your best bet.
If you are driving any distance from Sydney, there will be cops everywhere, so stick to the speed limit, they go loco over the holidays.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions, or if there are specific things / activities you need info on, I’ll pass them onto @chucks_nwoko who will be more than happy to oblige.


We’re flying at xmas with the mini-moths and one of them is free - he’s a toddler too.

If it’s your first time flying with the nipper, consider doing the Platinum thing at Dublin Airport. Also, purchase a lounge day pass in advance for your stopover airport. They’ll have to kids room with toys, movies, plus showers and wine for stressed ta fuck parents!


I would hugely endorse taking such a course of action. When we travelled with the then 1 year old and then 5 year old Fitzy Jnr from Sydney to Ireland, membership of the Qantas Club was a huge boon to us and made the travel much, much easier.

@Mac - an sufficiently humble post expressing your gratitude wouldn’t go astray.

too little too late from ditzy

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