Calling Mac

Fad or lifesaver?

A target

[QUOTE=“Young Ned of the Hill, post: 1006208, member: 80”]Fad or lifesaver?[/QUOTE]

Not much use to you during the day, when most people do their cycling

yep, a targetting device. now i can avoid near misses with cyclists and hit the bastards (excluding fixie riders)

@Mac, does any off licence in Wexford town stock your craft beer?

Yes mate, Pettitts St Aidans, Greenacres, and the Carry Out beside Buglers

Thanks, pal. I popped down to the pub for the Celtic game earlier but I think it was a step too soon for me. But I might buy a few bottles of your beer to drink tomorrow night while watching Mad For Sam on Channel 191.

Sounds like heaven mate.