Calling Mickee321

Alright pal? Everything ok? You seem on edge here the past few days. Anything you’d like to get off your chest? Now that the missus is pregnant has she not been servicing your needs? Or does she not allow you to beat her during pregnancy?


Jaysus that’s a bit harsh Mac.

Mac still seething after I mugged him off on Friday night.


post reported

candidate for Post Of the Year…Mickee has been served…:clap:

a disgusting enough post, but unfortunately it was expected
@Mac is clearly seething that after a ten day international business trip i have become an expert in NFL , this was personified last night when i published 2 winning doubles on the NFL thread that netted me a profit of >300 euro.
@Mac on the other hand did his bollux on horses and college football and is now in the poor house.
Look, i am a bit shaken by @Mac 's hurtful post and the fact he brought my wife into it, if i wanted to i could steal other people’s humour here and make jibes about his impotency and his huge nose, but no, i wont.
the fact that @Bisto is now on board is a sad reflection of where he is at

@Mac , all ok pal?
its ok mate, i wouldnt be able to get a boner if i saw your Mrs. in her knickers either

[quote=“mickee321, post: 845954, member: 367”]
the fact that @Bisto is now on board is a sad reflection of where he is at[/quote]

Mickee is badly rattled…:D:D

Ahhhh yes just what the forum needed! :smiley:

mickee is seething


Julio, put on the beans there, this could be entertaining…

@mickee321 Do you make your own falafel balls or buy them out? I’ve gone loopy for them lately and was wondering if frozen ones from one of the middle-eastern shops on Clanbrassil Street would do the job or should I be really making them myself.

She wouldn’t be the first woman from those parts to claim that it was a ghost that did the damage…

very few people make them thrawneen
usually you’d buy it off a street vendor as if you were purchasing a sexual transaction and eat it there and then in a pitta with hareef, hommus, salad, etc
ive never seen them sold frozen, id imagine they wouldnt be great
they are however very simple to prepare

@mickee321, are you giddy or deranged?

i think my response has been quite measured to the provocation of the opening post mate,

You remind me a bit of Aaron Hernandez these days, pal.

that;s @caoimhaoin surely?