Calling NCC and All Dublin Based Posters

Where is nice for a little excursion out of the city centre for a few hours ? Towards Howth direction?

Why not just go to Howth?

It ain’t me that will be going, mate. I suggested Howth alright.

Kilbarrack is a grand spot

for what?

Bumped for @Mac.


Is this a question or an answer ?

What has Malahide to offer ?

Dunsink Lane?

up your bollox.

Phoenix Park. When are ya up?


[QUOTE=“ChocolateMice, post: 1047443, member: 168”]Is this a question or an answer?

What has Malahide to offer ?[/QUOTE]
Some nice pubs, grub & views. Malahide castle.

It’s not for me, pal… Yeah I suggested the park and to rent a bike. And Howth.

Is the person involved a crusty?

do yizzer know da five lamps??..

At 5 o clock on a wet dark Wednesday you’d be better off going to the pictures.

The walk from Fairview Park to Croke Park takes in what many would call traditional Dublin.

You could come to Mastodon with me

Dart to portmarnock. Walk into the village (shit walk-10mins) turn right at the offie and then stroll by the estuary to the beach. Walk the velvet strand and then rhe coast walk to malahide before finishing with a few nice pints in a local hostelry before returning to your town abode. Total walk time: 1.30
You’ll also come to understand why fingal folk are smug as fuck.

Sound lads- It’s for a Pakistani female aquaintance- non-sexual- who will be visiting for a couple of days- doing the usual for one day and just wants somewhere outside the city for a few hours for day two. Howth will do her.