Calling Smark

Just to let you know, the mid week movie is A Good Day To Die Hard starring Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney

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Hi @Smark

Tonights movie is The Internship starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan. Sounds right up your alley


I can vouch for this being an enjoyable film.

Good call @Big_Mick_McCarthy - those two clowns are always worth it watch.

It’s absolute tripe. Vince Vaughn is in it. Need i say more.


The Internship is one of the worst movies that’s ever been made

+1 horseshit

Who’s in that? Looking it up on, but no joy.

Vaughan and Wilson, about an internship at Google.

Hi @Smark

The midweek movie tonight is Ted

Its pretty shit, I’d give it a skip

Cheers mate won’t bother with it, saved me two hours there.

Hi @Smark tonight’s mid week movie is Identity Thief. Sounds like a harmless enough comedy for him and her. Might be worth a watch if you want to chill and watch something not too taxing


Tonights movie is This is 40. Looks mediocre

I’ve seen it. It’s actually enjoyable enough fare. Would recommend watching with your other half.

Why does puke have to tell dunph what the midweek film is every week? What did I miss?

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The handjob.


smark is a fantastic poster



Like a can of frebreeze about the place.

I’m up your way early next week, will I drop the usual in the letterbox? Green or Powder.

where when why mate? delivering Rockos new car?

ball next thrusday?

any sign of the puke?

Not car related.

Ball next Thursday may just work.

The puke is hard at work keeping the CH Forum & Clare Co Board from combusting. Hard work I believe.

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