Calling TDB

Big event New Year’s Eve…

Venues: Glebe St. and the Landmark…

You on the list?

Have to work that day but will be down by 8.00

Looking forward to it already :pint:

FOAD you shit eating imposter

a die hard GGA man yet not once have you been in your local GGA club in your life

Jim and Phil are “the finest amalgam” of Leitrim folk you could get. Jim being from Drumkeeran and Phil, Eslinn-esque…
I have a small, innate feeling, that Farmer may have outgrown Mohill, what with his scornful comments of late, advocating Carrolls and The Green Rooster, known locations for the “conservative/upwardly-mobile Mohilliasi” when his formative days were spent in Jim’s…

Looking forward to seeing you in the Landmark.

Jim and Phil sound like heinous sexbeasts


Looking forward to seeing you all in the Landmark Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon for New Year’s Eve. And in Mohill the following night.

Ah! that’s an excellent addition to the joyous occasion Sid. Fear not, our hospitality (Jim’s in this case) will be boundless.

A lovely evening of drinking and merriment in Jim and Phil’s last night. :clap:

News reached me at lunchtime that dancingbaby made a show of himself in Fowler’s of Malahide on Stephen’s Day roaring encouragement and expletives at a TV screen that was showing coverage of horses racing each other in England.

I was chatting to a few staunch regulars of O’Briens over Christmas and both were only invited to the afters of the wedding. Boxty must be very highly thought of if he was invited to the church part as well.