Calling The Big Cheese

Who is the resident forum expert on potato chips? I spent 10euro on Smiths Savory Selection Bacon Fries in the pub the other night and think I might have a problem

your arteries must be in a horrific state, enjoy the heart attack mate

It must be like shitting razor blades.

[QUOTE=“ChocolateMice, post: 1034251, member: 168”]It must be like shitting razor blades.[/QUOTE]the likes of him and mac, think saturated fats are something you fry an egg in :smiley:

Thanks for helping me out in my hour of need here lads.

ring Andy Reid, he knows a lot about crisps :smiley:

You could be right there

After a post like that @The Big Cheese thinks it might just be you

Hmm, it’s not really an area of expertise. I could make shit up I suppose like the lads on the gay beers thread