Calling The Runt

As head of the clique, can you PM me an updated membership list please.

I have received abuse today that was frankly unwarranted.

Thanks pal

Never mind them, DB. The clique, last i checked, had seven members.

Runt, get on IM ASAP. :shakefist: :shakefist: :shakefist: :shakefist:



Sort this shit out

Am I part of the clique if appendage mails me looking fir a vote for something or other? Sad bastard.

:o :o dear god…i honestly didn’t think the forum grouch would partake in such a gay activity…i’m truly shocked…always took him for a bit contrary but a man who proudly ploughs his own furrow …devastated to hear he’s running round here currying favour …steamer…

The Runt is a tag rugby maestro. He would have your bits whipped before you could say ‘Brian Kennedy’

If you are around this evening get yourself on IM.

Urgent matters to discuss.

I’m having laptop problems and can only operate over the phone.

That’s alright, i’ll send you a pm there. It’s very private, i couldn’t post this on the main board.