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Where would be the best pitch and putt course in fair Fingal?


Portmarnock. Hands down.

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Malahide Castle has one mate. Not sure how good it is compared to others. Id give it a thumbs up


The one up in the Deerpark has great views and is as cheap as chips but wouldn’t be the best tended course in the world.



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There you go mate

4 different answers


Howth is a way better course than Portmarnock no question. A fantastic diversion for the day. Malahide is pure shite.


By Howth do you mean the Deerpark?


Yes. Infinitely more pleasurable.

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When you play the pitch and putt in the Deerpark you pass the Dolmen that is Grainnes grave. Grainne out of Toraiocht Diarmuid is Grainne.

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I’d say there’s few enough here who did honours Irish like us.


Footgolf in Deer Park is great on a warm day.


as far as i am aware Puke there is no pitch and putt in portmarnock . think the lads are taking the piss


I see they do a puc fada up there now as well.


Sad to see how far you’ve fallen really. It’s down the lane behind the church.


near the land that you gave to Lady Tony O’Reilly?


Eh no. Surprisingly enough that was your old mucker GV Wright who organised that. I see you are currently privatising malahide castle bit by bit. It must warm your blue heart.


My sources comfirm it was workers party/labour who gave away the land


Short game causing you some jip?


Be careful of the 1st and 2nd hole. Those who didn’t take a shit on the cricket crease walking home from Duffys were often known to walk on to the pitch and putt course for a quick dump.