Calling The Selfish Giant Part 2

Am I wasting my time putting up live spots of Eamon Fitzmaurice, Mikey Sheehy, Jack O’Connor and the Kerry senior football panel.

I wouldn’t stoop so low to mention the minor panel in this esteemed site. Nowhere near celeb status yet.

They’re all getting mass at 9.

never heard of any of them mate but ill allow it as its from you

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TSG, are you adjudicating celeb spots any more or what’s the story?

Cat got your tongue @The_Selfish_Giant?

i am mate.

i note you had a spot and you are looking for a judgement but lets just say i wouldnt push the issue if i was you

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Bit harsh that after some of the “spots” you have allowed recently. I know things have slowed down since the site change but…

He’s doing an excellent job buddy.
Leave the critisim out for once will you.

Brimmer_Bradley2m flattythehurdler
He’s doing an excellent job buddy.
Leave the critisim out for once will you.

The what now?
That cuts deep.

Sincerest apologies for the poor spelling. I honestly don’t know how that happened.
I am throughly ashamed of it.
The rest stands though. TSGs moderating is excellent. He conducts himself in a professional and impartial manner at all times. He brings an nice mix to moderating everyone from international rock stars to local Gaa hero’s are catered for.

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Celebrity is in the eye of the beholder.

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That’s all the direction I needed. Thanks pal.

What the fuck am I doing?
Did ye see the structure of my last post
Fuck me I think I’m getting a stroke.


Is your mother-in-law nearby? Give her the phone so she can read this:

Mrs. Brimmer - that waster might be having a stroke. Ask him to:

  1. Smile,
  2. Talk,
  3. Raise both arms.

If he can’t do that, call an ambulance but maybe start preparing him for the worst.

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