Calling The Selfish Giant


If a man was looking for someone in the greater Fingal area to clean their house where would be the best place to look?

The classifieds in the Fingal Gazette and the Northside People garnered no results


Thinly veiled does anyone in Fingal have a Filipino for hire

#3 for all your cleaning needs, pal. You can develop a rapport with a cleaner after a little while and take the arrangement offline.


Reported for racism.


Isn’t TSG married to one?


Maybe go with an agency?


Im married to a nurse from wesht limerick


She’s from Adare?


Who Big Mick Mccarthy? Was a bit pointed by him alright. He needed to be called out on it


Your racial stereotype of Filipinos working menial jobs.


I’m not racist at all sure some of my best friends are foreign


Retract your comment so.


I will not indeed as to do so would lead people to believe it was malicious


It is malicious, it racially stereotypes Filipinos as working menial jobs.


Your going on ignore as well. Goodbye


I have destroyed you and you wish to ignore it.


:clap: We’re like 2 peas in a pod, bro.