Calling @Thrawneen

any interest in pitching a feature to a newspaper on people with restricted mobility, disabled people, airports, travel and mobility services

Company who provide mobility services in airports in Ireland and elsewhere have an event in Dublin airport Terminal 2 - 22nd December 10am - one millionth passenger assisted

come along, interview some people and pitch a piece?

usually lots in papers about returning emigrants and airports at Christmas so this is a related but different angle

papers might pick it up on 23rd?

Great idea and right up my street
Thanks, I very much appreciate that.

Who is this company if you don’t mind me asking?


One Complete Solution



@Thrawneen - timing on this is moved to 2.15


I think he’s referring to the timing on this. It has moved. To 2.15 from the looks of things.

Thanks for clearing that up, pal.