Calling Treatystones

Sing us the one you got the six months for

Will you give us a song, you auld boot

I won’t. I’m hurt by your comments yesterday evening and in no form for singing.

What comments were these?

You know full well what they were

What if I was to give you a few endorsements on Linkedin if you give us a sing

@TreatyStones give us a song you cunt!


Pretty please!

Hi @TreatyStones could you or @ciarancareyshurlingarmy go through today’s card in Limerick and let me know which of the horses will be subject to a large local gamble before hosing up? Thanks

Are you heading to it?
I was supposed to go but GAA duties have scuppered my plans.

@TreatyStones Sing the one you sang at your granny’s wedding

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Why are ballysteen potatoes so small this year? Was this spring not incredible for growth for potatoes ?

@TreatyStones, me and all Limerick supporters are much too busy anticipating the announcement of the starting 15 at 9pm this evening to spend time going through a summer evening card.

They sell the small ones to outsiders.

Is that it?