Can You Be A Socialist And Like Champagne?

Was looking for a thread to post this in, this appears as good as any. The socialist Macron has managed to outdo the previous socialist Hollande in the spending arena on make-up. $6,667 a month to be exact, one wonders what the “matter of urgency” was? Hollande spent almost $10K a month on his hair, wtff.

Is this story real or made up?

I have a batch of elderflower champagne on the go here.


The elserflowers are nowhere to be seen up here.
How strong would that turn out for you?


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Are you adding yeast? I saw those river cottage lads relying on yeast from the air and flowers

No. Wild yeast. If it doesn’t take I’ll throw in a pinch of yeast.

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Could you not just put a drop of vodka in shloer?

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No offence but where’s the fun in that? There are magnificent products in every garden and hedgerow that people ignore and traipse into supermarkets to buy poor facsimiles of.


Champagne is only acceptable to socialists if consumed when flat and drunk from a mug. Anything else is dangerously decadent and should be avoided. Definitely it should not be used as celebratory in any way and should be dourly consumed with porridge or some other acceptable accompaniment.

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Well well well look who it is. Hope all’s well

It is very well, gilgamboa, thank you for asking.

Makes a nice lemonade for the smallies aswell

How do you make it champagne as opposed to wine?

…when a capitalist is buying

Add a bit of sugar when you are bottling it, then store it in the outdoor shed.

Surely it should be much stronger than that? 3-4% would be more like a cider.