Canada.....what's the story

Not sure if anyone knows anything about Cananda. I don’t, but I need to get some info fast for a school project. If anyone knows anything interesting about Canada, has any opinions about it, if there’s things or places you’d like to do or see there, or you just want to post the things you think are the essence of Canada, please feel free.

I think maple leaf, Uranium, Frenchys, snow, bears, general wilderness and little america.

Ice Hockey- Wayne Gretzsky is a god. Bret Hart- One of the best wrestlers ever. Mounties they always get their man. Also they say eh after every sentence. Eh.:cool:

Ice hockey is where it’s at in Canada. They’re not too happy some of them with the number of NHL teams in the US now (commercial decisions) but it’s their big game over there and they get a cracking atmosphere at games. Other than that, Vancouver is supposed to be great.

Fats has spent a load of time in Canada I think - he has a few relatives out there. He’ll give you all the info you need for your project.

Didn’t realise Bret the Hitman Hart was a canadian. A true legend. Keep em coming gents…

Juhniallio, go to You Tube and search for ‘The Montreal Screwjob’. It’s the story of how Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart over in his last ever WWF (now WWE) match in 1997. He was supposed to win the Pay-Per-View event title fight against Shawn Michaels in his home country that night and then give up the title on Raw the following night to end his WWF career. He was adamant he was not losing the title in his home country before leaving (because he wanted to leave his home supporters with a victory and also because himself and Michaels detested each other) and had a ‘creative control’ clause in his WWF contract that allowed him to veto storylines that Vince was planning if he disagreed with them.

So Vince and other WWF officials sold him a story of how the ref would get knocked out, Michaels would get Bret in Hart’s own submission finishing move, The Sharpshooter, where Bret probably would have tapped out only for the ref being unconscious, before somehow Bret would eventually overturn the move, get Michaels in the move himself and retain the title when a replacement ref ran out to witness Michaels tapping out.

However, Vince screwed Bret over by arranging for the referee to signal that Hart had tapped out of the initial move, even though he didn’t, and so Michaels was awarded the victory. Bret was incredulous and got up and spat right in Vince’s face at ringside and knocked him out with a punch in the jaw backstage after wrecking the TV monitors around the ring and smashing things up. It was his last ever WWF fight. Canada was in such uproar over his treatment that they nearly invaded the USA.

The actual fight is in 4 parts on You Tube. Part 4 shows the end of the fight, Bret spitting in Vince’s face and footage from the dressing room afterwards. It’s the most famous wrestling bout of all time and still divides afficionados of the great sport a decade later. Awesome.

Apologies, I don’t know what came over me in that last post.

I just want to clarify, wrestling is not scripted and nor is it fake.

Thank you. Thank you all.

Christ almighty - I’ve never watched wrestling before but I think I might just watch that one.

In other news from Canada, my Dad’s uncle emigrated to Toronto decades ago and my Dad has never met his cousins that live over there. But every year two of the females ones send our family a huge Christmas card telling how much ‘they love us’ and the rest of their extended family back in the homeland and how proud of their Irish roots they are. They appear to be almost as nutty as wooden planks. No discussion on Canada can be completed without talking about Celine Dion and Bryan Adams. They have also produced a number of lesser artists like Neil Young, Arcade Fire and the likes. They have a famous comedy festival in Montreal too.

I’ve a Canadian friend, I’ll get him on here and he’ll fill you in. They talk slow so give him time.

Survivor Series 97. Moment of history/madness/reality.

The finish for the match was actually Bret would reverse the sharpshooter on Shawn Michaels who would get to the rope and then they would wrestle for five more minutes and the the Hart Foundation(The Late Owen Hart, The Late British Bulldog and the living Jim"The Anvil" Neidhart would come down for Bret and Dx(Hunter and Chyna) would come down for Shawn resulting in a double dq. Brets documentary Wrestling with Shadows confirmed this as he wore a secret mic with the meeting with Vince before the match.

People will say Bret was selfish but he would have lost the title even to the Brooklyn Brawler just once it was not Shawn.

Fook Canada, I’m doing my project on wrestling.

superleeds from the old forum - not sure if he came across when we changed boards - is going out with a Canadian girl for the past few years. Maybe you could arrange a sit down with them Juhniallio?

anyone ever been to montreal before…is it worth visiting,thinking of taking a trip there in the autumn

Did you get a job in the end Puke? I’ve a few mates in Vancouver and they love it. Head over when the hurling is over.

Great spot puke , savage birds there , dont leave it to late in the year or youl freeze your bolloxs off .

I’ve heard it is a great place with a really good music and party scene.

Heard same about Montreal.
Spent a good bit of time in Vancouver, can’t say enough about it.

Canada seems to be a fooking great place. Spent a week over there last year mainly in Toronto. Great people and a fantastic city.

canada is shit- canadians are boring cunts- i hate the bastards