Cannabis oil

Does anybody know where this can be bought

Is this different to cbd?

I think so

I spotted it in Sam McCauleys chemist last week…i didn’t realise it was so openly on sale. Most of Thise e- cigarette places seem to sell it also…any particular reason you want it?

Boots or any health store have it.

I don’t think cannabis oil is available in shops guys

@Copper_pipe is the man here

Check out the dark web

CBD is.

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Ok mate. How would one check out the dark web


I dont think so was what I meant to type


Cannabis oil has much larger concentrations of THC

It is for a sick friend

It’s a class A

Proceed with caution

It isn’t surely?? :eyes:

Sadly it is

It beggars belief. And lads hooning down subsidised booze in the Dail bar.


If you manage to get you hands on some let me know

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It’s expensive snake oil buddy. Hopefully your friend recovers speedily.