Just wanted to point out that he’s a fookin bender


Fuck off man


Stop exploding you cowards!

Forget it lads…
Banter as we know it is finished, we all have to be “allright sorts”* to each other now and post factually correct statements at all times.

*hate that fucking term

Sandymount red seems like an alright sort

they are been recruited en masse allright at the moment.


-Liam Flag
-twiceasnice97 (sic)

i dont know where the fuck they are been dragged out of but the posting of an inane comment about Clare GAA or Celtic FC seem necessary prereqs that they have all been deemed necessary to possess, the key trait of a maximum post length of 3 lines is also adhered to with strictly no banter or imagination required.

Hard to disagree with any of that Mickee. This forum is Finnish

Like Sami Hyypia finnish?

in hindsight I think dunph will admit the return of 2RE has been an unmitigated disaster

Fuckin anal shit piss

I apologise if I offended you with my comments with regards Cusack Park, that was not my aim

Probably :blink:

Don’t worry about mickee Liam. He is the least humourous poster on here, after Tony Dorigo.

And Tony Dorigo is more humourous than hbv, who doesn’t fully qualify as a person.

No problem lian,
everything is ok now, as long as we are all genuine here on the internet i dont mind.
sorry as well if i caused you any offence.
shur we had good old banter over there anyway

nothing to worry about
Laim is a grand fella, so are you farmer. apologies if i asked you to kill yourself before as well because you were from Letrim, i wasnt been genuine at the time,
im different now.
you have a great taste in music as well.
talk to you soon.

thats not funny
they are decent sorts