Captain Beefheart RIP

John Peel described him as one of the few people who deserved the title ‘genius’.

His music was not for everyone, Trout Mask Replica was over my head, but Safe As Milk is one of my all time favourite albums.

RIP Don Van Vliet.

Trout Mask Replica = worst album ever

No it’s not.

Good point, Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed was worse.

never heard of the cnut

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He got his stage name after the shape of his Hampton,apparently.

If thats true he must have had a wierd looking womb buster on him.


Nobody’s interested in what you ignorant spastics have to say.

Personally I very much liked his early 80s album Ice Cream for Crow.

off the Lebowski soundtrack

With the great Ry Cooder, aged 19, on slide guitar. PHENOMENAL TUNE:

:pint: :pint:
My favourite off Trout Mask Replica. Deadly album. Once you get to a certain point in life I think it’s easy listening. And, as Matt Groening said, there comes a time about once a year where nothing but the Captain will do.

i though Do That to Me One More Time and love will keep us together were grand songs, i;d say tenille will be devastated :wink:

My favourite Captain number - Dropout Boogie.

PJ Harvey is clearily influenced by him, but in this song she basically rips off Dropout Boogie