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Far from it in my experience. Print advertising has become far more competitive in comparison to Radio.


For regional radio, radio Kerry etc would be in around 50-70 a spot. Could be even less depending If you bought a package. Couple hundred quid would get you the bigger stations. Spot during tubridy is 1150. Spot during al porter is 450


This will be another Fitzy fiasco. Come on here looking for advice. Everyone will be of the one opinion and that the market is dead. But will ignore all advice and go with the wrong option.


Rate card to download there. It’s pretty old but will give you a gist.


I work with people who have previously worked in decent sales roles with National Radio stations and National Newspapers. They got out at the right time. No one is earning decent money in these companies anymore as competition from online has killed a lot of their margin and commissions were one of the first areas hit. Local radio might be very different and may well suit your lifestyle but there’ll be far cushier sales jobs out there if your half decent at what you do.


Are the Farmer’s Journal half page ads expensive, Harry?


Mind your fucking business, mate.


Pity you didn’t take your own advice with Kev’s taxes.


What are you trying to say about Kev’s tax status?


I’d say Kev’s tax affairs are above reproach.


I’m glad to hear that.


Sounds like madness to me to be honest.


Undertakers seem to advertise on local radio a fair bit more than social media.




I believe that ads on snapchat are where the value is currently in advertising.

You can buy things such as filters and geotag them. So could do one for an All Ireland Final around Croke Park or at Aviva for a rugby game. Cheap as chips for the audience you will get.


Is that something only used by children tho?


Computers will be doing most current jobs soon. People wont need to work as everybody will be paid the universal living wage

This utopia will last 100 years and then computers will kill all humans


Children, perverts and Limerick hurlers


Have a look at their annual accounts for the last few years to see how much they’re bringing in in advertising revenue and if it’s falling or steady


Value there for now. Instagram seem to have copied their features so who knows - they have a 24bn valuation