Career Change


In the house legal chaps, absolutely. Ever sat in on a conference call with them?


And it isn’t even me blaming them.

Nobody wants to be dragged in front of some committee for wasting tax payers money.


It’s not as if they’d lose their job though.


A lot of it is also to do with everything being capable of being FOi’d too


AP competition starts this week as well. Might as well fire my application in for that as well


Are public sector pensions all they are cracked up to be these days?


I’ll let you know in about 30 years when I’m living off mrs J’s.




Nope. Average salary type of thing now. Work til 65.

The old type isn’t great for the low paid either. 12k or whatever of it is state pension.


Any of you kids in the media advertising game?




Ok I’ll take you at your word. What would a typical 30 second slot cost for a regional radio station. I’ll explain my questions later assuming you’re not wumming me


Offline media is dead money.


Mac is talking through his hole. Local radio is perfect for a certain market.


Get a few good digital influencers such as Niall Harbison or @ChocolateMice to call down a take a few snapchats of you product, they’ll sell like fuck. 5k well spent.


Look I’ve been approached by a regional radio station and have been asked if I would be interested in a senior sales role. But rather then fucking about I need to have some figures in my head. I’ve been involved in sales most of my working life so topping a decent basic off with commission is part and parcel.of what I do. All the usual.perks apply. Car , health insurance etc, but a car don’t pay the mortgage


Have a look at


Thank you


He’s wumming you


Everything you hear about offline media sales is that it’s a dying market. Granted local radio is good for certain businesses I can’t imagine them businesses being able to pay top dollar for advertising space. I’d say ads on local radio are cheap enough.