Career Change


Be careful lads :grinning:

Some sneaky fucker in the company he was in I’d say. One way to get rid of someone


Not one face to face meeting?


He must of been a bolox to go to the hassle of that to be fair.


Obviously didn’t interview at all


Interesting seeing how Finland are getting on with this.


@Sidney, this could be right up your street.


Probably not worth it for Sid.

After the rent allowance and various other bits of welfare he wouldn’t be far off that surely.


cc @Bandage’s friend


That’s some workload in fairness! Spike, your time has come to move up in the world


Wanted. Whipping boy for county board.


The requirement for “excellent communication skills” would disqualify him.


What sort of salary would you be looking at?




Does that include undeclared gate money?


Doubt it


Not even close to 125k but you’d deserve it dealing with those cunts


85K + free match tickets.


Thats what I’d be looking for.
Dont know what they are offering but you would need a fund for physiatric treatment for a good 10 years after it


Why does everyone think this is such a poisoned job? I dont get it? You have a job, you make your decisions, you tell everyone to fuck off besides. The boys in the Leinster Council seem to work away grand, why is Munster such a terrifying prospect?


I’d say it’d be a great job. I’d love something like that.
You’d spend most of your time going to events, drinking tae and atin triangle sandwiches.