Career Change


Throw your CV up there and if its up to the mark I will forward it to the relevant authorities and put a good word in.


Leinster Council or nothing bro.


Frank Murphy
Pat Fitz
Bob Ryan
Bob Honohan

Need I go on?



My recent scrape with Garda Cuntyballs will probably disqualify me.


Itchy feet for a while and have been thinking about it for a few years now. I’ve come to the decision to leave the Gardaí. Recent promotion and transfer to another department hasn’t sated the appetite. To be honest I’m bored with it and can’t see myself doing it in 20 years time. I was talked out of it the last time and encouraged to do the detective exams, and while I enjoy that more, it ain’t for me anymore. Maybe it was never for me. The letter is drafted. I’m out.


That was the letter,
onwards and upwards. :+1:
Teacher and Garda done, whatever next?


Working in the Big House .


You’ll have to go back and do a postgrad in something else I’d imagine. Any area of interest? Stay away from IT anyway.


Adopt 8 kids and put the feet up


You’re a huge loss to the force. I was very impressed with the way you shook @backinatracksuit to his very core. If you were ever bothered to do that to actual criminals it would have been fantastic


Man a good job your leaving


Another reason it’s not for me. When you’re checking the rear view mirror on the drive home because you’ve put a cunt away and his family are threatening you and yours, you start to question if it’s worth it. I decided it isn’t.

I’m still young, I’ve a few options, I could go back teaching. Think I’ll take time to decide, farm away for a bit, decide then.


The other option is to do absolutely fuck all, get posted to letterfrack, and do even less.


Well done on your decision. Better be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb than half way up one you don’t. Best of luck.


Best of luck in whatever you choose


Do a bit of private investigation.


Best of luck.


Did you miss the part where I said I was bored with it?! Letterfrack :smile:

I’ve always wanted to be a journalist but was turned off it years ago. I’d love to be a sports journo writing for the Sunday indo cc @Bandage


Exactly. You can decide to quit working for them and still be employed