Career Change


There’s less than 5 journalists in Ireland.

The other content providers probably followed Alison O’Reilly’s advice


I’ve received a call from a retired inspector I’d be friendly with. There may be an option to enter the Defence Forces and be carted up the ladder to Intelligence work. Serious pay. Interesting conversation. Be something different. We’ll see.


You set that up beautifully


He read your post on here and tracked you down in two hours. Fair play.


They’re always watching :eyes:


High risk but big gains.


Lads, thanks for all the support/piss taking etc. I went out and got shit faced last night. Feel like a new man this morning, my whole life ahead of me now. It’s unreal what a feed of beer will do, the clarity of thought today is off the charts.


The very best of luck


Did you pile on a savage amount of weight in the gards did you?
Leaving will probably add 15 or 20 years to your life


I’ve an unreal body, mate.



Holy fuck. teaching, guards, farming, One safe balls !


We can’t all be international spies like yourself Mr. Bond :rollseyes:


The IFSC brigade in here will he feared up to hear that.


Whatever you decide to do, your epals will back you 100%.


Best of luck with your next step pal. My auld fella was in the job and stuck it out to 57 (the then retirement age), 13 years after a gurrier stabbed him in the throat and very nearly killed him. For all the jibes lads make about Guards, it’s a tough enough gig.

He also often said that he’d loved to have been a journalist. I’ve experienced a bit of that profession over the years, and it’s a fairly precarious job that I wouldn’t rush to recommend to too many