Career Change


That time he followed me up to Knockfierna? That was just weird


He could have done some recon on the Rathkeale rovers but chose to hound an effeminate primary school teacher instead :smile:


And we were all paying for it, I don’t think he was cut out for it


Himself and @Fagan_ODowd could set up a detective agency.


Kojak and co.


Best of luck, mate its not easy out there.


Plot Twist : @Breaking_my_balls is the Guard that was riding the knackers wife and accepting cocaine from them in exchange for filling out a few forms :scream:


Gas cunt


Bored? Ffs. It’s better than a lot of jobs. Bored and frustrated are the natural states of employment. Do some journalism on the side. Work like you want to, not like they tell you.


Fair play, you took the hard option. Hope it all works out.


Is there much involved in quitting an imaginary job?


He had to write that resignation letter, it’s about 20 posts up


There’s probably less then ten journalists in Ireland that can pay their rent/mortgage.


A pretend night out must be organised I suppose before the person leaves anyway


I’ll have to get the pretend hair cut


Would you think of drug dealing? Better money, you already have the contacts, it certainly wouldn’t be boring having already been a garda and having both sides gunning for you. And you could write a book as your pension. @Breakingmybadballs


How do you think he can afford to resign without having a plan b?
Door man, drug dealer or both.


He can do those without resigning. Likely easier.


First Paul Williams, now @Breaking_my_balls. Maurice McCabe has had some impact all the same.


Stay away from the journalism, no money in it