Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2019 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs & cats


Paddy pantsdown


Alfie moon rip


It looks like this has been a glorious 1-0 victory for me this year. Excalibur :clap:


Peter Thompson RIP


One of the greatest golfers of all time. Five times the Open Champion. Thought he died back in the summer about six months ago?


That’s Peter Thomson.


Who’s this chap?


The legendary Liverpool footballer, a pillar of the Shankly revolution who won league titles in 1964 and 1966 and was part of Liverpool’s maiden FA Cup victory in 1965.

I’m surprised you’ve never heard of him.

Here’s what Bill Shankly said about him:

“His work rate was outstanding, his fitness unequalled, his balance like a ballet dancer. I have no hesitation in placing Peter up among the all-time greats – alongside such players as Tom Finney, Stanley Matthews and George Best. They say he didn’t score enough goals, they said his final pass wasn’t telling enough. Well, if he had scored goals as well as everything else he did, he would have been in the same category as Jesus Christ!”


The name sounds vaguely familiar now that you mention him. One of the 1965 Liverpool maiden FA Cup winners. Peter Thomson won the last of his five Open Championships in 1965 on Merseyside, at Royal Birkdale. He also won the first of his five Open Championships at the same Merseyside venue in 1954, the year Liverpool were relegated. He won the third of his Opens at Royal Liverpool in 1956 and his fourth was also won in County Lancashire at Royal Lytham in 1958.

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Speaking of the Open, did you know the only previous year the tournament was staged at Royal Portrush before 2019, which was 1951, was the same year Tottenham Hotspur won their first league championship?


That’s a very good omen for Mayo as well.


Ray Sawyer of Dr Hook fame has passed


A disgusting sexist band whose biggest hit celebrated a fellow using the anonymity of a pay phone to haunt a poor girl who had taken to the bed to get away from him and tormenting the poor girls mother in to the bargain. You could only hope he was picked up by the police for harassment and that Sylvia and her mother could get on with their lives.

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I think Sylvia over egged the depression thing a bit. She got over it awful quickly anyway and went off riding a lad down Galveston direction.


She probably enjoyed the attention ffs. Sure we all know what wimmin are like


And then there was that other hymn to coercive control, When you are in love with a beautiful woman which more or less advocated keeping the wife locked up.


Is this Dr. Hook or George Hook you’re talking about?


Never liked him but when I heard him denying his out of wedlock daughter, I absolutely despised the cunt. An arrogant, pompous oaf. ‘Spit on me Dickie’, I wouldn’t piss on him.


I wonder is the Mrs.Avery mentioned related to Stephen Avery from the Netflix series.
Luckily @Bandage is on the case (allegedly).


Well if Mrs Avery had just let him tell her goodbye, he would have gone to the bother of writing the sing in the first place