Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2019 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs & cats


That’s Rock and Roll baby!!!

90% of songs of that era where sung by lads in their twenties about teenage girls.
the rest were about lads in their thirties and forties about teenage boys


What a man. RIP.


Ah no…RIP mean Gene😢


Niamh Horan walking along North Wall Quay just there now carrying a beautiful bunch of red roses. Niamh was walking in the direction of her Grand Canal Dock abode.


Have you already killed her??


No. I was in the car bringing the nephew down to Post Malone in the point. She was sporting black high heels and I must say she has a lovely pair of calves.

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Are we accomplices now?


It’s not on the news yet anyway, he’s a pro


She must be one of very few people who live in Grand Canal Dock who bring farm animals to work.

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John Stalker. Prevented from properly investigating and exposing collusion between MI5\6, RUC, Special Branch, BA, FRU (and its many cover names) and Loyalist paramilitaries.


Yes,good man at his job but hindered left right front and back - freemasonry and orange bigotry at its worst ,throw in the intelligence services and what a quagmire


Bruno Ganz


Maybe now those tiresome subtitle thingys will stop, but I doubt it.

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Without question the greatest film portrayal of Hitler, he was outstanding in Downfall.RIP.


The Maurice McCabe of his day


Indeed. A brilliant movie.

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Nice avatar

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Arthur Murphy died a week ago. I only heard today. A likeable oul rogue I’d say.


Bowman’s Sunday did a bit of a tribute to him this morning,