Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2019 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs & cats


A tremendous album to drink cans of Budweiser to in a house when you were 17.

Obscene bass line at the start.

Vocals by Crispian “Kula Shaker” Mills.

Dismembered vocals by yer one from Republica of one hit wonder “Ready To Go” fame.


6 cans of Tenants for a fiver in Cookes corner in 1997 Sid.


I drank between two and four cans of Tennents watching the Meath-Kildare third game in 1997 followed by the Mayo-Sligo Connacht final and listened to The Fat Of The Land by the Prodigy afterwards. It was a pissing wet day. I think the cans had been bought from the off licence at Richardson’s in Eyre Square.

That’s a rather crap recollection, in truth.

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Got a lift home from the Hydro in Lisdoon with a lad (driving his ould lads car) one night many moons ago and the car filled to the brim with bodies and the music blaring. Anyway our negotiations with the unforgiving bends outside Ballyvaughan ended badly with the car being written off but miraculously everyone survived.

Upon inspection the next day his ould fella turned the ignition on the car wreck and after some brief silence Narayan started blaring out across Gregans valley much to all our amusement and the ould fella shaking his head :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:




:grin: :grin: If it was the incantation part in the middle that came on his worst suspicious would have been confirmed I’d say.

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This lad just popped his clogs.



RIP rev. Cloutier


What a shame. What a show 90210 was.


Jaysus only a young buck as well


It’s turning out to be a great year for deaths.

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Aye. The wife is inconsolable here




Ah jaysus. RIP Keith Flint.


That’s disappointing. RIP.


Bad day for 90s icons. One of the twins from Sweet Valley High will probably pop her clogs before the day is out at this rate.

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RIP essential Saturday evening viewing before heading out trying to score young wans in Tropics or Docs😂

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Correct and right.


Great stories, guys.


:fearful: Don’t even joke about that.

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