Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2019 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs & cats


Yeah, that’s where I heard.


Keith Flint


Be the lord Jesus…


What a song.

Parents complained to the BBC that, after it was played on TOTP, it frightened the children. It was subsequently banned.

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Well it was a bit weird you’d have to say.


Sickened, the very first album I bought myself was The fat of the land. RIP :disappointed:

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It was shocking. Gave pop music a right kick up the arse.


Looks like suicide.



Too much Charly


Knocked How deep is your love by Take That off the number one spot. If only for that we should be grateful.

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I think the Prodigy at the Point Depot in December 1996 was the second proper concert I attended, after the Prodigy playing support to Oasis at Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

It was fucking mega.

I necked a number* of ecstasy tablets at it.

But I’m less saddened by Keith Flint’s death than by that of Ray Wilkins.

*Zero, to be precise.


Back when that sort of thing mattered

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The lap dancer in the video for Smack my Bitch Up was played by glamour model Teresa May.


As Steps were later to find out, a h makes a huge difference.

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Did Mark Morrison knock the Prodigy off top spot?

Part of a rich Leicester musical tradition, along with Kasabian and Showaddywaddy.


I had a pint with his uncle Skin only yesterday…

Gets coat…


That’s actually a woman. She’s the singer of Skunk Anansie.


The Fat Of The Land was some album.
Some of the lesser known tracks off it still sound fresh (Climbatize, Narayan, Fuel My Fire)

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Narayan is an unreal tune.

Matt Cameron of Soundgarden provided some of the drum samples for the album apparently.

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