Celebrity Deaths 2008

10 Euro to enter - winner takes all.

Rules of the competition:

  1. Ignore Farmer’s “morals” protest
  2. Choose 5 celebrities who might die in 2008
  3. Name them here
  4. Only deaths from causes that began in 2008 are allowed. So if your celebrity has cancer at the moment and dies from that then you don’t win. But if the cancer-stricken celebrity is struck by a train and dies then you do win. Or if the celebrity is diagnosed with AIDS in 2008 and dies in 2008 then you win. Also if the death is commonly attributed to the major pre-exiting condition then you don’t win - even if the cause is indirect. So someone dying from pneumonia because they already have AIDS doesn’t count. Unless the AIDS is fresh.

The big exception to that is alcohol related stuff and drug induced deaths. Obviously an alco could die from pneumonia or could be so locked they get knocked down and people will argue that the alcoholism was pre-existing so the death shouldn’t count. Well it does.
5. You are allowed 3 swaps during the course of the year. You must name your new celebrity and who you are replacing.

I’m sticking with Amy Winhouse.

  1. Keith Richards.
  2. Paul McGrath.
  3. Michael Douglas.
  4. Britney Spears.
  5. Bob Holness.
  1. Gay Byrne
  2. Jacques Chirac
  3. Paul Daniels
  4. Rocco Byrne
  5. 50 Cent

Keith Richards can’t be killed

Using 1 of my 3 designated substitutions even before the start of the game.

Britney Spears is coming in for Margaret Thatcher who suffered a thigh strain in the warm-up.

Is Rocco Byrne a celebrity?

Maybe, maybe not. I’ll swap him if he doesn’t meet the consensus.

Would there be a breach of contract if I murdered a celebrity?

Surely Sir Bobby cant be long for this world. And is Ronnie Drew elgible?

Ah Ronnie Drew can’t be leigible. He’s fighting a life threatening disease. Speaking of Bobby, oul Jackie would be a decent punt. I am now changing my prediction from Amy Winehouse to Charlton Heston

Joey Barton killed by his own brother worth a punt.

Bhoys, I hope you realise you have 5 nominations so don’t feel obliged to limit your choice to the 1.

My question has not been answered, I’m very unhappy with the skeleton customer service TFK seems to have over this festive period.

Apologies for the delay in replying. It was due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control. Personally, I think you’d still be a worthy winner if you murder a celebrity you nominated. Maybe that Mark Chapman chap was in a similar ‘Celebrity Deaths 1981’ competition?

Good stuff, all I have to do now is choose my weapon.

My list of erm predictions is:

  1. David Beckham
  2. Posh Beckham
  3. Jonesy from Deshonos
  4. Pat Kenny
  5. Paris Hilton
  1. David Kelly(Actor in Glenroe)
  2. The Queen
  3. Kerry Katona
  4. Jimmy Magee
  5. Jackie Fullerton

See Ken Dodd is in hospital before anyone goes for him.

[quote=“therock67”]1. Gay Byrne
2. Jacques Chirac
3. Paul Daniels
4. Rocco Byrne
5. 50 Cent[/quote]

Rocco Byrne doesn’t seem to have met approval on here. So swapping him out and going for Douglas Hurd instead.

First death of the year.


  1. Charlton Heston
  2. Jack Charlton
  3. Bobby Charlton
  4. Jimmy Savile
  5. Derek Norton

Britney Spears is looking like a good punt. Bizarre stuff.