Celebrity Deaths 2013

Get them in lads.

Taking the rules from previous years

[font=tahoma][size=3]2 points for under 40 years of age[/size][/font]
[font=tahoma][size=3]2 points for murder[/size][/font]
[font=tahoma][size=3]0 points if they die of a known pre existing condition[/size][/font]
[font=tahoma][size=3]1 point for normal death[/size][/font]

Mine shall be :

  1. George Bush Sr
  2. Kirk Douglas
  3. Betty White
  4. Albert Reynolds
  5. Shane McGowan

Mine are
Mick Muckstick the commentator
Pat spillane
Ger canning
Dara O"Se
DBs horse

technically none are celebs but fuck it

Fuck off with George bush, the man is in intensive care ffs

I wasn’t aware of this, he is a regular of mine most years iirc. Don’t you object to this thread, take you fucking adjudicating to the celeb spotting where it belongs :guns: :shakefist:

If regular celeb death spotters object to GB Sr then I shall replace him with Jack Charlton.

  1. Hugo Chavez
  2. Rebecca Brooks
  3. Richard Attenborough
  4. Kanye West
  5. Gary Glitter

I assume Thatcher is not allowed, and I think Mandela should not be allowed as a pick either.

chavez is sick

No, he’s just a communist TASE, no need to throw personal insults at the man.


Sir Alex Ferguson
Jeremy Irons
Paul McCartney
Al Pacino
Clint Eastwood

Gay Byrne
Pete Doherty
Ronnie Wood
Bashar Al Assad
David Hockney

John Hume
Leonard Cohen
Marty Whelan
Cliff Lazarenko
Francesco Totti

  1. Bobby Charlton
  2. Ian Paisley
  3. Sinead O Connor
  4. Michael Caine
  5. Maggie Thatcher

Barack Obama
Philip Mountbatten
Jack Charlton
Mick O Dwyer
Georgia Salpa

Eamonn Dunphy
Wayne Dundon
Christy Kinehan
Dave Fanning
Pat Kenny

Jim Brown
Little Richard
Park Jae-sang
Hillary Clinton
Alex Ferguson

you are a cunt.

ian mckellen
cliff richard
maggie smith
john giles
nick stahl

not a celeb and a ginger munter as well

who ? i.e not a celeb

Eli Wallach
Dick Van Dyke
Christopher Lee
Bill O 'Herlihy
Jimmy Magee

Anyone have Christopher Martin Jenkins?