Celebrity Deaths - 2017


When is he being laid in the grave?


As soon as he gets stiff.


I’m sure he’d think your lifestyle was weird as fuck too pal. You collect trainers, he collects young blondes.


one of the greatest of all time


Unsure if “gone to a better place” is apt in this case.



I hope that gets you a nice post pal.


Like the Limerick men say, I doubt it says Croker


I hope he died underneath a young one


“Natural causes”. What could be more natural to such a swordsman.


Hefner went deaf from taking too much viagra. When asked why didn’t he heed the doctors warnings, he replied that he much preferred having sex, to having hearing.





hefner was a gas man. he didnt die wondering anyway and anyone being in any way honest would admit to admiring that. and his magazines were first class, they were the only decent thing you could wack off to in the 70s when you were starting out and that was all down to him. the young lads of today with access to every sort of scenario imaginable at the push of a button just wouldnt understand that.



He’ll have to be face down in the coffin.

The bed of heaven to him.


I see he got a stroke in his mansion in 1985. I got one in the People’s Park in 1972.


The fucker had a bed of heaven during his life the fecker


From a persual of th outpouring of emotion, Hefner seems to have been a lovely lovely man, respected across the spectrum from former workers, to playmates, to writers and critics, to civil rights leaders.


Hef was a diseased creep. Probably stiff in the wrong places as well …


It’s quite a teenage frame of mind to assume that sex is the bee all and end all, the man was as weird a fella as I’ve heard of, a proper oddball who’d fit in well around here